Here at Little Owl
we have one very
simple aim;
To produce the very
best coffee we can
for you!


Little Owl Coffee Roasters is a family owned specialty coffee roaster and retailer, born and based in Perth WA. It all started with a vision to combine our love of great tasting coffee and our aspiration to learn and create.

Our owner and founder Tony has been supplying coffee to businesses for over 20 years. His vision was to produce and provide the very best coffee he can for you. With this vision in mind he started Little Owl and has been providing delicious coffee to customers since September 2014.


We roast our beans carefully at our warehouse in Myaree, always aiming to bring out the individual, complex and stunning flavours found in every cup. Our IMF Italian Hybrid Roaster is updated with state of the art components and monitoring software. This helps us roast with great consistency and provide a uniquely clean cup.

We are excited to share our passion of coffee with like minded people and canʼt wait to continue the journey with you by our side.