We source our beans from various locations around the world!



We roast our beans using precision technology in the form of our IMF Italian Hybrid Roaster!



Our hardworking team then works around the clock to ensure that everything is packed with TLC.



It’s now ready to ship to those that enjoy it, whether that be cafes, restaurants or those making a mean latte at home.


We are always striving do our best, for both the global coffee community and those that love to drink our coffee, by sourcing our beans from ethical and sustainable sources.

The beans in our products come from places such as Ethiopia, Columbia, Guatemala, Brazil and El Salvador. And we partner with like-minded, intelligent organisations such as Cofinet, Upstream and Coficom.

Each one of our Green Bean Brokers have personal relationships with the growers and visit them regularly. This is to ensure that not only the quality of the green bean is very high but also to see first hand the process from the growing of the green bean to the processing and warehousing of the green beans.

All our Green Beans are Arabica Beans – and fully washed high grade with the majority of our Green Beans sourced from the Columbian Region of Huila – and are packed in Grain Pro Bags.

Columbian Huila Excelso Beans (Excelso refers to the size of the Green bean) are sourced from smallholder producers with an average size of 1.5 hectares. Around 301,000 people in Huila alone depend on coffee activities and coffee represents about 7.3% of the regions GDP. The Region of Huila is responsible for over 16% of Columbia’s coffee production. The general Huila area is in a grassed valley with an annual rainfall of 1300 – 1800mm, annual temperatures vary between 19 – 22ᵒC.

We use an IMF Italian Hybrid Roaster, one of the incredible benefits is that the afterburner, destoner and loader are integrated, resulting in a smaller footprint compared with conventional roasters.


 This results in a minimum 30% reduction in gas consumption! Equally as amazing is that the IMF is a hot air hybrid roaster that enables us to produce a high volume of coffee very efficiently while maintaining precision and consistency.

Meaning, more uncompromised coffee for you!