Cold brews are so hot right now. Palateable and oh-so-good in Summer – here is how to make the perfect one at home.


  1. Make sure your water is cold; pre-chill in the refrigerator if you need. Mason jars are a handy way to get the brew happening.
  2. Grind 80 – 90 grams per litre on a medium grind setting. This should be finer than what you might use for a say a French Press.
  3. Add your freshly ground coffee to your chilled water and stir. You want the coffee grind to be completely wet. Seal the jar and store in the fridge.
  4. After 1-2 hours, stir again again. This will ensure that the coffee is incorporated with the water fully.
  5. At the 22-23 hour mark, stir once more and strain. Decant the brew liquid through a metal strainer to remove larger particles, then strain again through muslin cloth.
  6. Once filtered, cold brew should be stored in a refrigerated environment.