Latte lovers take note. When you’re craving that silky milk-based coffee favourite but you can’t get to your local cafe there’s still hope. You can make a delicious latte at home or in the office in a few easy steps. All the equipment you’ll need is your coffee of choice (for epic lattes we recommend our Signature blend), a french press and some cold milk.

Now, just follow our brew, heat, froth and serve method:

  1. Brew: Make your coffee to your liking (our tip is to use the french press method). Once it’s ready, pour it into a cup and make sure your French press is clean.
  2. Heat: Now pour your cold milk into the french press glass beaker and pop it in the microwave for about a minute. Keep an eye on it as you want the milk to only reach about 70°C and not boil or burn. 
  3. Froth: Once you’ve got the milk at the right temperature, place the beaker into the base, pop the lid on and move the filter vigorously up and down until your milk has nicely been foamed. 

Serve: Lastly, give your milk a good couple of taps on the bench and a few swirls to release any air bubbles and create that desired creamy texture. Now here’s the part where you can also practice your latte art skills. Slightly tilt your cup and pour in your perfectly prepared milk! Enjoy!