Tim fell ill with the coffee bug in the early 90’s and has never looked back. After Managing several cult cafe’s, Tim was strongly drawn down the roasting path and with very few roasters in Perth, found himself a pioneer of the coffee roasting scene.

After initially learning his trade at Atomica in Melbourne, Tim founded Perth’s Darkstar coffee which was sold in 2018.

Having crafted his skill on various brands of equipment, Tim has fast become knowledgeable on the science and framework it requires to roast an exceptional blend.

Tims passion for roasting is expressed predominantly in four primary disciplines:

  • Learning and Subsequent Application
  • Unlocking a coffee’s potential
  • Creating Blends
  • Connections with producers and primary production

The pursuit of perfecting these disciplines gives Tim immeasurable job satisfaction, and  Little Owl Coffee Roasters looks forward to providing a platform and team that can collaborate with Tim long into the future.