Pour Overs are an effective and easy way to make a beautiful, steaming hot coffee.


  1. Pre-heat the filter and brewer thoroughly with hot water. This will help minimize the paper filter taste, and pre-heat the brewer.
  2. Load freshly ground coffee into the filter. We are using a medium-fine grind.
  3. Start the process by pouring into the centre and circling outward. Make sure the top of the grind is wet.  This should be a slow pour, about 10 seconds.
  4. Once you have finished pouring your pre-infusion water, start a 2-minute timer and wait 20 seconds for the pre-infusion.
  5. Once there is 1:40 left on your timer, begin pouring in circles, making sure not to upset the outer edge of the grounds.
  6. Once there is 20 seconds left on the timer, stop pouring. The water will finish draining from the brew bed just as the timer goes off.