If you want epic coffee, it kind of goes without saying that you’ve to got to have an epic roaster. We use an IMF roaster, it’s a fancy looking contraption that is unrivalled when it comes to consistency. This means we can be roasting all day long ensuring more uncompromised coffee for you! This compact, modern roaster is equipped with *almost* as much tech as a NASA space shuttle, and what we love most about it is incredibly environmentally friendly, saving at least 30% in gas consumption vs traditional machines.

She may be small, but she’s fierce. Equipped with the same technology, our IMF RM15 allows us to flex our commercial capabilities and run smaller batches. Just as environmentally friendly, and with the rocket ship Vortex and Equalizer Systems there’s no compromising on quality.

The Vortex and Equalizer Systems may literally sound like something out of space shuttle, but they are a vital part of making kick-ass coffee. The Vortex system mixes ambient air into the hot airstream before it enters the roaster by an electronically operated modulating valve, so the air is already at the correct temperature before entering the drum. This gives a consistently uniform temperature of hot airstream through the entire roasting process.

The equalizer system ensures the same volume of air enters the roaster. By having equal volumes of hot air both inside and surrounding the perforated alloy drum surface, you get even heat distribution across the entire body of the coffee bean and eliminate any temperature fluctuation inside the drum. Sounds epic, cos it is!