The Importance of a Good Grinder

The Importance of a Good Grinder | Little Owl Coffee Roasters Journal

What is the first thing most of us look at when we enter a funky new cafe?

For many, itsʼ the sexy, shiny espresso machine.

For others its the good looking hipster barista carefully pouring milk into an elegant swan whilst still looking like thy dont have a care in the world.

Or maybe you donʼt look behind the counter at all and instead concentrate on the decor and how many people are ahead of you in the queue.

And yet the eyes of fellow baristas or full blown coffee nerds are drawn straight to the grinder. Yes the coffee grinder hiding behind the espresso machine, making constant noise and interrupting your long overdue gossip sessions.

Why you ask? The grinder doesnʼt do anything except crunch up beans, thats not exciting, and thats definitely not sexy.

What if we told you that the grinder is the most important piece of coffee equipment behind that counter. More important that that shiny new espresso machine or the fact that the cafe serves the highest grade coffee possible.

A good grinder is not a luxury! Its a necessity and unfortunately this is not common knowledge. You can spend alot of money on the current state of the art Espresso Machine but if you donʼt leave enough money in the budget for a good grinder your coffee is going to lack flavour, body and will be more bitter.

I want to taste milk chocolate, sweet caramel, stone fruit and malt flavours like our Full Moon Blend. I want to treat my tastebuds to a hint of honey or a peanut butter mouthfeel following with a molasses like sweetness which lingers beautifully and is perfectly paired with my ham and cheese croissant. This my good friends all comes from adjusting a Good Quality Grinder to suit your particular brewing method.

If you have any questions about grinders or brewing methods, please email us at Little Owl Coffee Roasters and we will be happy to help. Alternatively you can come visit us at our roastery located in Myaree, Perth WA. We sell a wide range of grinders and only sell equipment which we would personally use in our own cafe or home so rest assured we will provide honest and reliable advice. You can also purchase beans from our online store if you are looking to try something new.

Good-luck with your new coffee adventure and next time you walk into a funky new cafe, be sure too take the time and give the grinder a small well earned round of applause.

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