What is a peaberry?

Does size really matter?

A peaberry is not your normal type of berry. They are not suitable for smoothies and most definitely can’t be baked in a pie. They can however be roasted and ground to make a delicious cup of coffee.

But what exactly is a peaberry and why are they so special?

A peaberry (also called caracol, or “snail” in Spanish) is a natural mutation of the coffee bean inside its cherry. Normally coffee beans grow two to a fruit, flat against each other like halves of a peanut, but about 5% in the world grow a little differently and produce only a single bean.

This single bean tends to be smaller, denser, and lets face it, just a little bit cuter than other boring, normal coffee beans. Fans think they taste noticeable sweeter and more flavourful than standard-issue beans. Yet others insist they can’t tell the different.

There is no way of telling from looking at the cherry itself whether there is a single – or double bean inside. So instead these little guys need to be hand sorted after picking and processing in order to be sold separately.

As a result, in many cases the peaberries are sold for roasting right alongside their normal counterparts. Occasionally, growers will hand select the tiny cute beans for a special premium sale, not because of their taste but because of the labour involved and the pure rarity of the peaberry.


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Want to try some yourself?

We currently have a Ethiopian Guji Peaberry ‘Purple’ available as a single origin. Stunning fruity flavours like mango, strawberry and passionfruit. Light, bright and fruity. Perfect for the black drinker but not opposed to a dash of milk.

Its best to email us directly at Sales@littleowlcoffeeroasters.com.au to ensure you get the correct coffee beans. Alternatively you can come visit us at our roaster in Myaree.

Are you a peaberry person?

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